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Life with Dick: House Werk

That’s right: I’m a homemaker. With Dick off working all the hours God sent, leaving early in the morning for real estate or construction duties, coming back in the afternoon for a costume change, and then leaving again to wait tables until nighttime, it’s up to me to keep the house running as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, I am pretty ill-equipped for the job

Tweed Review

If you’ve walked on 12th Street in the gayborhood in the past few months, you probably noticed a new restaurant has recently opened its doors! Tweed Restaurant opened late last year at 114 S 12th Street, the third restaurant in this location in at least that many years. After a list of failed restaurants in the same location, it bears asking, “Is this location cursed?”

A Single Man

The number one New Year’s resolution this year among my pals seems to be to find love. To settle down, stop fucking around and to find “The One” and I not against any of that except that I find that most gay men act like drowning victims when it comes to approaching relationship. Clinging for dear life onto the first sign of an available man like white on rice as if their ovaries have gone bad and they would never be able to have sex past the age of 40.

A Review of ‘Girl Crush’

There’s a perception that men are drawn to simple graphic, visual sexual images and women are drawn to stories with elaborate settings and complex dynamics between the characters. Whoever put this collection of short erotic stories together totally agrees with that… but they also like a good finger fuck.

An Interview with Q Lounge & Kitchen’s John Caputo

John Caputo is Q Lounge & Kitchen’s jack of all trades. As general manager and managing partner, the 32-year-old does it all — from booking DJs to planning events. His goal: to get the community out at Q Lounge every night, not just Friday and Saturday. It’s a 7-day-a-week job…and it doesn’t always leave much time for dating. But a former Philadelphia Mr. Gay with years of industry experience under his belt just might be the hometown hero we’re looking for.