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Chicken Legs? Me? … EAT ME!

How many guys have you seen working out at the gym and showing off those huge biceps and big chest, but wearing long sweat pants in every season of the year, including the hot summer? They look hot until they strip down at the locker room to change and then …Surprise! You knew it! They suffer from a popular condition, CLS (chicken legs syndrome), I call it the lollipop syndrome, because as yummy as they look, after a few licks the only thing left is the stick, but that’s another steamy story…

Bring the Love: the partnering of C.B.L.S.L. and The Trevor Project for the ASANA 2011 Softball World Series in Philadelphia

The partnership of City of Brotherly Love Softball League and The Trevor Project at first seemed like an unlikely pairing. The C.B.L.S.L. won the bid to host this year’s softball world series in Philadelphia, and The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.

Remembering the Closet

For those of us that have come out of the closet and move away from hiding our sexual identity to those that are around us, the memory of what it means to be in the closet becomes more distant with time as we become more comfortable with our sexuality. However, in doing so and moving past the closet, do we also in turn distance ourselves away from those that are still in the closet?