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QFest Films for the Ladies

Kelly Burkhardt is the Managing Director of TLA Video, Programmer for QFest 2010 as well as a local film maker of such films as Tremble and Spark. She has been working with Qfest since 2003 and has a true love of film. How better to give PhillyGayCalendar a rundown of the best films for the ladies for the 2010 QFest Film Festival

I Love the Eiffel Tower

I saw this documentary about people who think they’re in love with objects. This one woman even married the Eiffel Tower. Are these people serious? Do they just want attention? And what do you say to those who say that allowing gay marriage will let people like this marry their furniture or cars? Isn’t this proof they’re right?

Pride Weekend Picks

It’s a big weekend for pride, and our collective pot is filled to brimming with festivities to choose from. For your Arts & Entertainment pleasure, Alejandro humbly submits these two must-see events that feature the work of local members of the LGBT community and also raise funds for charitable causes.

Breaking a Friends Engagement

My friend just got engaged to someone I think he should break up with. All the times I’ve hung out with them, this guy’s given me the creeps. I think he’s weird and not very nice and a total step backwards for him.  I never said anything about it to him when they were just dating. But now that it’s so serious, I feel like I HAVE to do something. How do I bring this up to him? If this goes badly and they have to divorce, I would feel terrible to have just stood by and let it happen.

Kids and the Internet

Interested in your take on this article: Teenage kicks: Is internet porn creating a damaged generation? With just a few clicks of a mouse, modern teenagers have easy access to hardcore and often violent pornography. But are we raising a damaged generation as a consequence?

Dating in Secret

I’m a lesbian who having an affair with a married woman. She says she loves her husband as a friend but she’s never been really attracted to him. We’ve only been involved a short amount of time and she’s only ever been known as a heterosexual, so she’s not ready to throw everything away for me yet. And that’s fine with me too: I don’t need a serious relationship now either. But I do want to keep seeing her and I want to keep it quiet. I know you don’t approve of deceit, but you have to have some knowledge about dating in secret. What do I do and not do to keep this under wraps until we have a solid plan about what we want?

Pop! Sketch Comedy for the Gifted

Lady Gaga and Cyndia Lauper do a makeover on a shocked fan. A harried receptionist at the American Sperm Professionals of America accidently drinks some of her company’s product. And then there’s the latest installment of the outrageously popular Gaga Vlog hosted by Lady Bling Bling and her associate, Focus.