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Forecast for Philadelphia: Reigning Royals

On Saturday evening, June 28, 2014, in Philadelphia it was “reigning” royals. At a special pageant, the city’s best and brightest competed for the title of Mr. and Miss Q Spot Philadelphia 2014. In a very close competition in which had us all on the edge of our seats, Stevetta Vinowski and Alice Wills edged out the competition to take the crowns.

NSFW Party

An ever growing cadre of alternative gay parties have been taking form – One of the most successful and steadfast of these parties comes packed as a grittier dance party called NSFW, formed by Paul Blore & Marquise Lee.

What This Whole Gay Pride Thing Means Anyway (To Me At Least)

With June declared as Pride Month by President Obama and the kickoff of Pride Weekend here in Philadelphia, I thought I’d prepare myself for the glitter filled celebrations by digging in a bit to what Gay Pride means to me. And, for me, the weekend meant block parties, parades, festivals, friends, family and an all around celebration. But it also meant a lot more to me. Something that I’m proud to tell you about