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Cry Me a River

“I’ve had something weird happen a couple times recently. After my fiance and I have had sex, I started crying uncontrollably. It makes no sense! It was great sex! There was no pain. And I’ve never been raped or abused. It freaked me out and so my fiance was really worried. What is going on?”

Stuff I Think You’ll Like

Seems I can’t turn around without hearing news about a new hot party, event, club, exhibit, or activity. It seems that our local impresarios, promoters, and culturati must have heard all that grumbling about how tired the scene in Philadelphia had gotten and all at once decided that it was time to Do Something About It.

Dodgeball: A Tale of Revenge

Awkward kids huddled together in gym class, their destiny determined by the order in which they’re drafted to a team. Non-athletic, flimsy boys die a little deep down inside every time a girl is picked before them. Where stereotypes and cliques are the ruling order, every terror of adolescence is played out in a game of grade school dodgeball.

REAL Community: Dr. Rob Winn, Medical Director, Mazzoni Center

Since June 2007, the Get REAL Project has been telling the stories of young gay, bisexual and transgender men in Philly. While continuing that mission, what follows is one in an occasional series of interviews with respected leaders in the LGBT community. Dr. Winn is a physician at Jefferson University and at Mazzoni Center and offered his perspective on some issues that affect our health.