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Charting Sex

Several of you beloved readers/listeners have tipped me to the latest findings from OkCupid: a series of awesome charts that demonstrate a variety of fascinating correlations between lifestyle, age, appearance and sexuality that uses the millions and millions of OKCupid’s dating site members as subjects.

Overcoming Bullying

As a member of a family consisting of siblings that cover the range of autism from Aspbergers to Manic-Depression to Downs syndrome, I have witnessed the cruel and hateful things that can and are said to belittle a person simply because they are different and have spent too many nights worrying about my own siblings’ personal safety at school.

A Prayer for the Children

If you are of a certain age – somewhere around mine, say – you probably wrestled with your sexual orientation as you came of age, much as I did. Many of those in my generation worried whether our parents would accept us if we told them we were gay or lesbian. Many of us felt profoundly alone in being attracted to members of our own sex, and most of us feared that our classmates in school would pick on or ridicule us if we revealed our secret.

BOYFRIEND UNIVERSITY: The Jesus-Boyfriend Disorder

There is a common, immature fantasy about relationships that reduces love down to dependency and assumes our insatiable neediness. Many of us love this fantasy and in fact are quite addicted to it. I like to call it the Knight-in-shining-armor syndrome or the Jesus-boyfriend disorder. We pretend there is one, unique, and perfectly looking person destined by divine graces who will finally love us rightly, so then we can feel whole and complete forever. (Insert sounds of angelic choir here.) Think of it as Jesus meets Cinderella. By definition, it’s about relationship as savior and assumes we all need saving.