Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Involvement and Our Issues

I think the current Democratic Party presidential race is proving that our democratic process does work. It is working wonderfully. Voters have been given opportunities to give their voice and to make decisions. The real key is that multiple points of view are being heard. Isn’t is a goal of a democracy to give a voice to as many people as possible? Shouldn’t we be embracing this thrilling, albeit complicated, process?

Hillary Clinton’s LGBT Record

With the April 22nd Primaries quickly approaching, Pennsylvania is buzzing. While I’ll be featuring columns on Hillary Clinton leading up to the primaries, regardless of who becomes our president, I am ecstatic that the apathy shrouding this country for the last two terms is lifting and people are engaged in politics again. People care again. People are passionate again.

DJ Manny Lehman in Philly

Manny Lehman is the central part of many gay community members’ dance memories. He’s spun everywhere from Montreal to Miami; New York to LA. He’s headlined almost every circuit party on the planet. Matthew Ray of HX Philadelphia chatted with Manny from his dreary office in the cold Gayborhood while Manny lounged in his cabin on an Atlantis cruise. Lucky bastard!