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As I look at the stamp mark on my hand from the door guy at North Star Bar I hope it never comes off. I want it as a reminder. If you were wondering to yourself last night, March 4, 2008, “Where are all the sexy bitches?” I can tell you Gay Philly they were at the MEN show.

Interview with designer Pietra

Pietra is a gifted woman with many talents that range from designing clothes and home decor to make-up artistry and even photography. She holds a degree from Drexel University in Photography and is currently in graduate school for Creative Writing. For over five years Pietra has provided us with stylish, colorful, and mood changing designs at prices that will even make my wallet happy.

Toby, Age 21

My dad was kinda your typical hard-ass conservative father. It’s all about family, getting married, having kids…about being a man. I guess that’s what he meant when he made fun of the gay guys he worked with—they weren’t real men.

Queer Rock

Perhaps you think that you are the only Rockband playing, Bowie sing-a-long, Bob Mould loving or even rap loving LGBT citizen in the city. So maybe you still use that hair brush as a microphone belting out tunes in front of the mirror as you get dressed for yet another night out of repetitive club music.

David, Age 27

I’ve never been very good at this. Seems like I can’t figure out dating very well, but I can figure out how to have sex. I can figure out how to go meet in a club and hang out for an hour or two, then go fuck, but that’s not really doing it for me anymore