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Grammy Mame, Stylez Milez, and I had the chance to try Barbuzzo during restaurant week.

The power lesbians of 13th Street (Valerie and Marcie) who also own Lolita, Grocery, Bindi, Open House, Verde, and Marcie Blaine Chocolates debuted their latest home run – BARBUZZO! Honestly, these women have the Midas touch! One might be tempted to call them overachievers. Personally, I think they passed that when they opened their 4th business on 13th Street! I think after a 7th business we need to admit, they’re on a quest to rule the world, or at the very least the gayborhood!

Hipster Hunting: Surprising Local Spots to Meet that Boy You’ve Been Stalking on OKCupid

I met most of my best friends on OKCupid.com. True, it’s ostensibly a dating website, but there’s such a thin line between friends and more than friends, it seems as good a place as any. It’s full of guys I like and who are like me, plus as an added benefit it’s one of those reputable dating sites where you won’t see someone’s junk before learning their name.

Social Bottoming

Isn’t it funny how everyone raves about masculine bottoms but no one talks about the sissy top? I recently heard the term ‘Social Bottom.’ The term really struck a chord with me and I have been pondering on it till now because, OMG, I am a social bottom.

Live Arts Festival review: Brian Sanders’ JUNK presents “Sanctuary”

When you enter the cavernous warehouse performance space currently housing “Sanctuary” the extremely sexy new piece by out choreographer Brian Sanders’ JUNK, the ushers dutifully warn “If you sit in the first two rows you’ll get wet. Very wet.” This writer is too much of a gentleman and the piece is far too good to stoop to doubling that entendre. Resisting, however, will be hard. Er, difficult.