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Is a Threesome Right for Me?

A 6+ year relationship ended early last year, and recently i’ve moved toward becoming “official” with one person after spending a year on my own, exploring, etc….She’s very sweet and we get along great and we have a mutual friend whom i have always been very friendly/flirtatious, but nothing has ever happened. Lately they go out on weekends and talk about me…. I’m just wondering if this is dangerous territory for me, despite the potential awesomeness that could (and most definitely would) ensue. If this turns threesome-y, I want to know potential dangers, etc…I don’t need to do ANYTHING to make it happen, I’m asking you basically if you were me what would you do?

DJ Eddie Elias hits Philadelphia

As a DJ, I very rarely go out to listen to other DJs. Some might call me jaded. They’re probably right. But, no matter what social anxieties dog me, I always make it an effort to hear Eddie Elias. Simultaneously dark and uplifting, DJ Eddie Elias is a unique force in New York’s dance music scene. He’s been gracing Philadelphia with his unique flavor for just about a year at Voyeur, the city’s most upfront nightlife experience, with largest dancefloor and best sound in the city, hands down.

QFest Films for Guys

With over 120 feature films, short films, parties, panels, programs and other miscellaneous events to choose from over the next two weeks, planning your Philadelphia QFest itinerary can sometimes be a daunting task. In an effort to help your ticket-buying decisions, I have listed five particularly exciting screenings below, featuring some of the year’s most acclaimed gay-themed films. These five are NOT TO BE MISSED!

QFest Films for the Ladies

Kelly Burkhardt is the Managing Director of TLA Video, Programmer for QFest 2010 as well as a local film maker of such films as Tremble and Spark. She has been working with Qfest since 2003 and has a true love of film. How better to give PhillyGayCalendar a rundown of the best films for the ladies for the 2010 QFest Film Festival

I Love the Eiffel Tower

I saw this documentary about people who think they’re in love with objects. This one woman even married the Eiffel Tower. Are these people serious? Do they just want attention? And what do you say to those who say that allowing gay marriage will let people like this marry their furniture or cars? Isn’t this proof they’re right?

Pride Weekend Picks

It’s a big weekend for pride, and our collective pot is filled to brimming with festivities to choose from. For your Arts & Entertainment pleasure, Alejandro humbly submits these two must-see events that feature the work of local members of the LGBT community and also raise funds for charitable causes.