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SPOONING on Valentine’s Day! Popcorn with Kale Chips

This year, despite a boyfriend-less Valentine’s Day, I’m actually looking forward to February 14th. Three words: House of Cards. Netflix’s brilliant marketing strategy has ensured that couples and single folk alike will be binge watching Robin Wright-fierceness in the comfort of their homes. In that spirit, here are two homemade popcorn recipes to complete your TV (laptop?) watching experience.


Some believe that our voices are loud and finally being recognized because of our visibility in the arts, television and politics. Some believe that there’s too much dissention when pitted against the rampant body image issues and the ongoing masculine versus feminine debate that draws lines in the sand towards unification.


Krystal mainly uses her bike for running errands, with an average of 20 miles per month – not too shabby! That’s at least 600 calories burned per month! Thank goodness Krystal wears a helmet, especially since she rides in the rain and was almost doored a couple times!