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An Interview with Q Lounge & Kitchen’s John Caputo

John Caputo is Q Lounge & Kitchen’s jack of all trades. As general manager and managing partner, the 32-year-old does it all — from booking DJs to planning events. His goal: to get the community out at Q Lounge every night, not just Friday and Saturday. It’s a 7-day-a-week job…and it doesn’t always leave much time for dating. But a former Philadelphia Mr. Gay with years of industry experience under his belt just might be the hometown hero we’re looking for.

Grind Up on Me

Grindr is addictive. It has become a worse distraction for me than Facebook. It is as if I don’t already have a thousand other more useful things that command my attention. But every time my eyes flicker to my iPhone, I can’t help but press that yellow square bubble with a black mask in the center.


I am in awe of how we return to loving and opening to new relationships after all the endured hurts, missed opportunities, and past failures. If you’re too young to know yet or have been lucky enough to be spared – warning, warning – heartbreak is on the horizon. Sorry to be the messenger, but everything ends. And if you’re a bit older, having already experienced the loss of a lover or two or many, you too can point to scars that conclude with reasons.

Kicked Out Anthology – Stories of Queer Homeless Youth

So, a couple of years ago, I had the awesome pleasure of attending Philly Zine Fest. One of the most interesting people I met was my table-mate. This cool, queer, femme comic book artist with a cursive (!) typewriter. On and off, I kept up with Sassafrass Lowry’s various projects through blogs and the zine community, but recently was hugely impressed with the scale and scope of a book she compiled about queer homelessness. I think it’s such an important issue, relevant and often overlooked. Sassafrass was kind enough to answer some of my questions.