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A Prayer for the Children

If you are of a certain age – somewhere around mine, say – you probably wrestled with your sexual orientation as you came of age, much as I did. Many of those in my generation worried whether our parents would accept us if we told them we were gay or lesbian. Many of us felt profoundly alone in being attracted to members of our own sex, and most of us feared that our classmates in school would pick on or ridicule us if we revealed our secret.

BOYFRIEND UNIVERSITY: The Jesus-Boyfriend Disorder

There is a common, immature fantasy about relationships that reduces love down to dependency and assumes our insatiable neediness. Many of us love this fantasy and in fact are quite addicted to it. I like to call it the Knight-in-shining-armor syndrome or the Jesus-boyfriend disorder. We pretend there is one, unique, and perfectly looking person destined by divine graces who will finally love us rightly, so then we can feel whole and complete forever. (Insert sounds of angelic choir here.) Think of it as Jesus meets Cinderella. By definition, it’s about relationship as savior and assumes we all need saving.

Philly’s Ticket to NYC’s Underground Queer Arts Scene

This Wed, April 6th at 8pm, Pussy Faggot! comes to the Trocadero for an inaugural visit to the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love. The brain child of former Philadelphian, Earl Dax, Pussy Faggot! promises a tantalizing array of drag, performance and visual arts, DJs and provocateurs thrown together in a cacophonous symphony of revelatory experience. If you are looking for an event sure to send you flying over the hump or simply warm you up for a promising spring weekend, this is the event for you.

A Community-Minded Candidate for Judge

In case you haven’t noticed from signs sprouting in windows, there’s a primary election just around the corner. In addition to deciding whether Mayor Michael Nutter deserves a chance at a second term in office, we will be voting for candidates for City Council, row offices and judgeships. I had the chance recently to meet one of those judicial candidates, and I think you should get to know him better too.

‘Dancing With Myself’: How Solo Sex in Philly Just Got Hotter.

Soon-to-be-sex savvy Philadelphians gathered at the Danger Danger gallery on March 11th for ‘Dancing With Myself: A Celebration of Solo Sex.’ The event was masterminded in every sense of the word by Screw Smart, the self-described queer, sex-positive sedutainment group that has been spicing up stages and demonstration rooms since its inception in 2009. (That’s sex-education-entertainment for those of you looking to rock the scrabble board later tonight.)