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The Drag Show at Bob & Barbara’s

Ever the intrepid busybody and accomplished drinking buddy, I’ve made it my mission to investigate Philly’s Thursday Night lineup, and report back to you the what where when and how much of the evening’s offerings. I do this in humble service to the community, and not because I like to go out and get hosed on weeknights.

Is Ex-Sex right for you?

My ex and I split up about 2 and a half months ago after a year and a half of being together. We broke up because he wasn’t taking our relationship seriously enough for me, canceling plans at the last minute and not being attentive. He is only the third person I’ve ever slept with. I know he’s seeing a couple people casually now but I haven’t been seeing anyone and I’m getting lonely. The last couple times I went out to the bars I really wanted to call him and see if he wanted to just hook up. My friends have talked me out of it, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea because I know it’ll be good and I feel safe with him and it’ll keep me satisfied until I find someone new. Who’s right?”

Coming OUT of the Closet in 2009

So from what I hear many are expecting much from 2009, whether it’s love, endeavors, or my favorite, FASHION! Word on the street is that many, notably both young and old, are coming OUT the closet now more than ever. Whether this statement is gossip or not, you can answer this hypothesis by simply glancing at your surroundings

2008 Year of Disappointment

So it’s 2009. Congratulations if you’ve made it this far in this climate and were still able to celebrate even if the merriment had to be somewhat fabricated. Personally, I felt none of it real or not. The gooey Christmas feelings and the New Year’s Eve elation of festivity were all completely wasted on me.