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RuPaul’s Drag Race

May the best woman win! With five drag queens left in the competition, the time is ripe to add some RuPaul’s Drag Race recaps to your calendar. And this week, there was no lack of ripe fruit on the runway, as Ru introduced her squirrelfriends to the ‘mos of Stonewall Riots past.

Here & Now

Friendship as much as love of music is the glue that binds the singers in PGMC to one another and to the organization. It’s quite fitting, then, that next month, we will present a concert that focuses on how that glue works – and what happens when someone comes unstuck.

My Girl is TOO Hot!

I have a dilemma that seems silly even to me. I’ve been dating the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. No, she really, really is. Her personality is also really great. She’s sweet and smart and thoughtful. I’m totally smitten. I don’t know how I landed her, but we’ve been seeing each other for about 2 months since we met through friends at a party. But as much as people envy my luck at having such arm candy, it’s kind of hell. Everyone in the world is competition now. She gets hit on constantly, by both women and men, even right in front of me. She’s good about it and politely shoos them away. But these people eyeball me like, “who’s THIS piece of crap?” It’s incredibly stressful and I feel as though at any second I might end up in a fight with one of them or dropped for someone more attractive. And I don’t want to seem too clingy or jealous to her, especially not this early. What am I supposed to do?

Jeff, Age 29 – There’s more to me that just herpes

About 3 years ago, I noticed this red bump on the head of my dick. It didn’t hurt or itch. It actually looked like a little pimple. I went to the doctor eventually. It came back that I had “HSV2” … they told me it was the genital herpes virus. I was kind of freaked out, but mostly I was confused. I didn’t know what that really meant or what was going to happen to me.