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Dr. Billie Swiggard - Introducing Mazzoni Center

Dr. Billie Swiggard of the Mazzoni Center

Meet Dr. Billie Swiggard, an infectious disease physician, and learn why she chooses to work at Mazzoni Center, and what makes her proud to work there. Medicine is literally a second career for Billie Swiggard. This self-described guitar player, folk singer, entertainer and “Broadway Gypsy” was first on the stage, dropping out of college at…

‘Meet Me at Dawn’

Excited to announce the American premiere of Meet Me at Dawn by award-winning Scottish playwright Zinnie Harris! Directed by Sam Tower and starring Hannah Gold and Jackie Soro. Don’t miss out on this mysterious and mystical tale of love and grief.

Best Blog of 2022

Honey, it’s been quite the year for PhillyGayCalendar! We’ve been serving up all the tea on everything from pride parades to Gunnar’s sizzling performances. And let’s not forget all the major events happening in BOS Philly – we’ve got the inside scoop on the hottest concerts and fundraisers. But the theater, darling. The theater. We’ve seen some truly incredible productions and had the pleasure of sharing our reviews with all of you.